Short-term Visitor and Volunteer Policy

Since we opened our doors in 2006, the mission of Open Arms has been first and foremost about raising the children in our care in a nurturing, family environment.

We have been blessed with many volunteers and visitors over the years. As we have grown, the number of visits has increased dramatically. While each visit is made with the best of intentions, we have found that these visits can challenge the stable family atmosphere that we are trying to maintain. Just like any family, having company for weeks on end can impact the family structure. 

However, we do appreciate and value what a visit to Open Arms can be about. Therefore, from January 1st - January 15th each year, we will have an Open Arms Summer Camp program where visitors will be welcome.   If you would like to visit Open Arms, you are welcome to do so during this two week window each year. Our kids are on summer vacation and the weather is terrific. This would be a great time to visit and get a sense of what Open Arms is all about. We will have many activities and projects planned where you can help during that two-week period.

Outside of this two week window, however, we will no longer accept short term volunteers or visitors. This decision was made with great deliberation and is intended to keep the best interests of our children and staff in mind. We currently have a program in place where we place four year-long volunteers with us and this will become the sole placement for volunteers. 

If January 1-15 works into your schedule, we would love to have you. There will be limited availability to stay on our property, based on a first come, first served basis. Otherwise, visitors can stay in East London (about an hour car ride away) and visit our campus during the day. If you are interested in visiting us for summer camp, please contact Bob Solis at bob@openarmshome.com or Ted Freese at ted@openarmshome.com for more details.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering or visiting Open Arms Home for Children and we thank you for respecting the family atmosphere that we have worked so hard to create.   


The Board of Directors of Open Arms Home for Children (June 2012)