Open Arms Angels are critical to the successful provision of love and care to every child at Open Arms Home for Children. Our “Angels” are people or organizations who make a $100 monthly contribution to support raising a child at Open Arms. Angels make a lasting difference in reaching out to a child at the Home and develop a relationship with that child, oftentimes for many years.

A $100 contribution per month ($1,200 annually) supports the costs of raising a child in our care, including:

  • Educational needs including uniforms, supplies and textbooks
  • Physical needs such as food, clothing and doctor’s visits
  • Recreational opportunities including participation in sports, art and crafts and bicycles for the children
  • Most importantly, love provided by our permanent house parents and staff

In exchange for this commitment, each Open Arms Angel receives:

  • An update on the progress of your child three times each year
  • The opportunity to develop a personal relationship that provides love to giver and receiver!