Open Arms Angels

Open Arms Angels are critical to the successful provision of love and care to every child at Open Arms Home for Children. Our “Angels” are people or organizations who make a $100 monthly contribution to support raising a child at Open Arms. Angels make a lasting difference in reaching out to a child at the Home and develop a relationship with that child, oftentimes for many years.

A $100 contribution per month ($1,200 annually) supports the costs of raising a child in our care, including:

  • Educational needs including uniforms, supplies and textbooks
  • Physical needs such as food, clothing and doctor’s visits
  • Recreational opportunities including participation in sports, art and crafts and bicycles for the children
  • Most importantly, love provided by our permanent house parents and staff

In exchange for this commitment, each Open Arms Angel receives:

An update on the progress of your child three times each year The opportunity to develop a personal relationship that provides love to giver and receiver! Enroll in our Angels program. After enrolling, you will receive a welcome packet with all the program details and the assignment of a child to you.

Thank you for being an “Angel” to one of our kids!