Can I correspond with my child?

If you wish, you are free to send correspondence or small care packages to your child. We only ask that any gifts be of minimal value so as to not impact the other children at the Home. We encourage you to send a photo of you or your family which will be placed on our “Wall of Angels” at the Home.
The mailing address for Open Arms Home for Children in South Africa is:

Your child’s name at Open Arms Home for Children
P.O. Box 165
Komga, Eastern Cape 4950
South Africa

Because of the shipping costs to South Africa, the U.S. Postal Service offers the cheapest way to send a letter or small package. Letters currently cost 80 cents to send to South Africa. Mailing rates for small packages can be checked at USPS.com.

How often will I receive information on my child?

The Open Arms Angel program provides 3 reports per year on the progress of your child. In addition to the enrollment report, you can expect one in the spring and fall. We will send a new photo of your child with each report.

Will I receive specific information on my child’s health?

Due to your child’s right to privacy, reports on the child’s health will be limited to general descriptions of your child’s condition. Most of our children are in good health, but some are HIV positive and we keep this information confidential so as to keep the child’s future free of potential stigma and prejudice in their own culture.

What does my support provide for my child?

The $100 per month provided by Open Arms “Angels” helps us meet the basic needs of the child you are sponsoring.
Specifically, it provides for:

  • Three healthy meals a day
  • Tuition and uniform costs as a local pre-school or primary school
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Diapers for the younger children
  • Basic medical care including medications
  • Love and security!

Our additional fundraising supports extra costs including medical procedures, ongoing transportation and infrastructure costs at the Home. Basically, your $100 takes care of your child’s needs for the entire month!

Can I sponsor more than one child?


What happens at the end of my year-long commitment?

You will be sent a no-obligation renewal kit that will provide the opportunity to continue sponsoring your child. We thank you in advance for your consideration of this renewal opportunity.